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Airsoft Rifle, AGM MP40 Bakelite


Airsoft AEG of a classic WWII Design. 

This is the bakelite version

List Price: €220.00
Our Price : €190.00 ea You Save: €30.00 (14%)

Airsoft Luger P08 Parabellum Pistol Co2 legends


Co2 Powdered Non-Blowback version of this popular Axis WWII

Our Price : €79.99 ea

Western Cowboy


Umarex Legends Western Cowboy Co2 Revolver

Our Price : €190.00 ea

Legends Short .45


Co2 Powered airsoft pistol

Our Price : €170.00 ea

Airsoftrifle, MKII Sten Gun


Full Metal Version of this Allied WWII Favourite

Our Price : €219.99 ea

AY BAR M1918 Full Metal/Wood Airsoft AEG


A fantastic replica of an iconic allied rifle from WWII

Our Price : €445.00 ea

Airsoft Pistol, ASG DERRINGER



Our Price : €65.00 ea

German Army WW2 Leather belt


German Army WW2 Leather Belt

Our Price : €25.99 ea

WH German WW2 Gas Mask Canister


German WW2 Gas Mask Canister

Our Price : €34.99 ea

WW2 Steel German M35 Helmet


Reproduction Steel M35 German helmet

Our Price : €79.99 ea

WW2 German M40 Tunic


WW2 German M35 Tunic

List Price: €120.00
Our Price : €115.00 ea You Save: €5.00 (4%)

WW2 German M40 Tunic


WW2 German M40 Tunic

Our Price : €120.00 ea

Leather Sling for MP40


MP40 Leather sling

Our Price : €24.99 ea

US Ranger Jacket


US Army M41 Ranger jacket

Our Price : €54.99 ea

Thompson Sling


Heavy duty Sling for the M1A1 Thompson Metal fittings

Our Price : €19.99 ea

Airsoft Rifle, M1A1 Thompson


Great WWII Sub Machine Gun 

List Price: €225.00
Our Price : €199.99 ea You Save: €25.01 (11%)

US Army WW2 M36 Belt


Heavy Canvas WW2 Belt

Our Price : €14.99 ea

US Ranger gaitors


US Ranger gaitors WW2

Our Price : €21.99 ea

US Jump Suit 82nd Airborne


US 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Jumpsuit

Our Price : €125.00 ea

US Musette bag WW2


WW2 US Army Musette bag

Our Price : €27.99 ea

WW2 US Suspenders


US paratrooper Suspenders

Our Price : €16.99 ea

Repro US Tanker jacket


Repro US Tanker jacket with unit patch

List Price: €90.00
Our Price : €80.00 ea You Save: €10.00 (11%)

WW2 Y Straps


German WW2 Load bearing straps

Our Price : €30.00 ea

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